Burntown | Group Fitness Training | Vancouver Washington

The personal trainer is still a very important figure in the fitness community and they will always serve a purpose. Just like the physical therapist who helps their client during pre and post surgery, the personal trainer and group instructors are there to keep the client strong and on a current path to health and wellness.

The only difference between a personal training session and a group fitness training session is that it is no longer just one on one. Meaning, the fitness professional is now shared among the group.

Some of the advantages of this are of course the price point, but it can be more than that. A lot of clients are not really concerned about the price, but they want great instruction, excellent customer service and an amazing workout. They also want the learning curve to be very easy.

For example, going to these box type gym facilities, it can be intimidating, especially when the average person does not use barbells, bumper plates, kettlebells or squat racks. But what they do know is that they want an overall full body workout and that they feel amazing after they finished.

We recently went to an amazing Group Fitness in Class in Vancouver Washington called Burntown Fitness and it was everything we thought it was going to be. It was only 45 minutes and their exercise sequence was awesome. It was four rounds and perfectly planned out from start to finish. If you have a chance to check it out, we would highly recommend it.

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