Personal Trainer Portland Or: Spot Training and Losing Body Fat

We just want to give you a quick post on a myth about losing body fat percentage and spot training. If the area that you want to lose the most inches is where you are going to be exercising the most, then you need to do a few things to make that work. The first thing is that if you want to lose weight along the mid section of your body, you will need to incorporate cardiorespiratory exercise and start eating sensibly. Meaning, if you want to get rid of that muffin top or love handles, then do a combination move that involves your legs and a side twist, just like you are handing something over to your friend. So, you will go into a basic squat and when you come up and pretend you are going to hand something to someone. If you need more help coming up with more exercises, then consult with a personal trainer portland or a fitness expert in your area.


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Personal Trainer Portland: The Importance of a Fitness Assessment before Training!

It is so crucial to get a fitness assessment prior to your first initial personal training session with your personal trainer. Why? This is the only way that your fitness professional is going to know what type of physical condition you are in. They can ask you all of those questions on their initial interview both over the phone and in person, but there needs to be some simple assessments done to make sure how intense the workouts need to be when you initially start your program. You will be amazed on how many people think they are in better shape than they really are, so as a veteran Portland personal trainer, this is the most important component when meeting with a new prospect and potentially a client.
Some of the assessments can be a simple treadmill test using the rate of perceived exertion scale. This does not involve running, but it is to gauge the level of intensity that is on the edge of comfortable/non comfortable. In addition, if the person has no knee or arthritis problems, the three minute bench step test is a great way to evaluate the overall cardiorespiratory condition of a person. Good luck with your initial fitness assessment and hopefully you form a great relationship with your personal trainer.

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Personal Trainer Portland: It Is Cold In Portland, But Keep Exercising, Stay Fit!

Yes, it is getting cold her in Portland and today December 9th, 2012 the temperature was  at 42 degrees, but that does not mean you need to stop exercising. If you are having a challenging time getting motivated, then you need to SNAP OUT OF IT and get off that couch and get moving. No one gets in shape by thinking about it worry that it is cold here in Portland, Oregon. I know, you can go to your local pub and get an excellent micro beer, but that is just going to make that mid section of your stomach just stick out even more, or better yet, make lose love handles turn into a muffin top. The best thing you can do is call a buddy to go to the gym with, sign up for a sponsored running event or hire a personal trainer Portland or fitness expert in your area. A lot of you are going to say, “Lets just start after the holidays”, but the longer you put it off, the more challenging it will be to get that fat to shrink off of you, so you might as well start off at a rate that will keep you consistent and then you can up the intensity and frequency when the holidays are over. You can do, so make the commitment either by yourself or with a great friend.

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Portland Personal Training: Private Training versus Boot Camp Training

It seems that the current trend here in Portland, Oregon is either boot camp or cross fit training and both are great programs, if done by a professional company. If you want to have a Professional Portland personal training company who has great customer service, then you probably need to go with a private training facility where their specialization is private personal training, semi-private and small group, not large groups.

The one problem that a lot of clients are having a challenging time with is that all of these boot camp and crossfit business are doing Group On and Living Social deals, and cannot service the people that sign up. When this happens, the customer service of these companies tends to be affected immensely, meaning that phone calls will not get answered, they will put you on long wait lists, but at the same time they are getting paid. When it is all said and done, if you want quality personal training and excellent customer service, then you pay for what you get.

That is why you should go with a professional Portland personal training business that is amazing at customer service, will give you the personalized attention that you need and is there for each an every client, not just a Group On or Living Social voucher client.

The professional personal training business who are amazing at what they do, do not need to discount their services, so that is one thing that you need to take in consideration when searching for a reputable fitness company in Portland, Oregon.

Portland Personal Trainer: Sport Specific Personal Training

If you are gearing for the winter season and you are going to be skiing, snowboarding, cross country skiing or snow shoeing, then you need to start training NOW! The snow season can come as early as October, but we know that will melt and will either come back during Thanksgiving time or during the December holidays. What you can do is hire a Portland personal trainer to help you get in shape by training specifically for that sport.

The best thing about sport specific training is that it will create or stimulate different motor skills and neural pathways that you may not have used in awhile and you will be shocked how well you will bounce back. For example, when you are working with a Portland personal trainer and you want to get ready for downhill skiing, you will do exercises that involve step work, simple plyometric exercises, stability Bosu work and core stabilization training.

Personal Training Portland: Portland Fitness & Staying in Shape

We all want to keep that flab off our mid section, especially when the holiday’s are just around the corner. We also know that we are limited in the amount of awesome sunny days we are going to be having, but that does not mean we have to stop exercising and achieving great results from all of the outdoor activity and exercise we have been getting. If you know that it is challenging to stay motivated during that time of the year, then why not hire a personal trainer Portland to help keep you exercising, but also to keep getting excellent fitness results.

Staying in shape is the challenging part for anyone. When you want to lose a certain amount of weight or want to get to a lower body fat percentage, then we will periodically check in to see how the results are coming along. When we achieve our goal, out next goal is to maintain or improve on it. There is not going back to the way it was, and this can be challenging for some individuals because they will leave a back door open just in case they slip up and start down that path of not being healthy. If you are prone to this type of behavior, then take a proactive approach and hire a personal trainer Portland to keep moving you forward to your goals.

Personal Trainer Portland Oregon: Want To Lose Fat, Inches & Get Toned?

So you want to lose fat, lose inches and get toned? All of us want this, but most of us do not want to do what it takes to make this happen. This is one of the reasons that the USA is the fattest nation in the world. It is crazy that the individuals who are of a lower socio economic status are fatter and more obese than other nations individuals who are at the same economic level. Basically, our poor in the USA is fatter than other countries poor, which is crazy. Usually when you do not have enough money it is challenging to eat, so you eat less. Not here in the USA, you can buy five hamburgers for five bucks and if you are lucky you can add a french fry or combo drink with that.

So what are we getting at here: If you want to lose that fat, decrease your inches and start to get toned, then you need to control what you put in your mouths. Once you get over that major obstacle, we can then start to tone your body up by starting you with a personal trainer Portland Oregon. Here is the deal, if you want your program to go in the right direction, then do it the right way and hire a professional. When you want you hair done, you go to a hair specialist. If you get in trouble, you hire an excellent attorney. The same goes for your fitness, if you want to the best, then you hire a personal trainer who has years of experience.

Personal Trainer Portland: Dancing to Lose Weight

Whether you are a natural dancer or you are just beginning to take interest in dancing, having a Portland fitness trainer will be a good idea such that, you will be introduced with a wide variety of dance styles and movements that will increase dance weight loss goal. Below are the different dance styles that you can perform.

Belly Dancing

This style of dancing is a very effective means of strengthening your thighs, torso, stomach and hips. It is also very good for muscle shaping and coordination. This helps in toning your abdominal muscles.

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Portland Personal Trainer: Portland Fitness Training at 40

Not so long ago, starting a fitness program as you reach 40 is unthinkable. It was common thought then that once you reach the age of forty, getting in shape is impossible. Now, it is different. The technology of exercising these days has made a point that through reduction of fat, exercise and proper diet you can have the health and fitness you need at whatever age.

Remember that times are fast and your body is evolving. You may be disturbed to realize that you can no longer perform the rigorous exercises that you were doing before. You really need someone to determine what is suitable for you and provide you with the proper inspiration. A Portland personal trainer is not educated to give you false hopes as motivation.

A fitness expert is all you need in attaining a reduction on your body fat. The personal trainer is well versed on everything, from a proper diet to the appropriate exercise. When working with a professional trainer in Portland, this will not only give you the advantage of reaching your goals quicker, but you will learn the proper techniques needed to perform all of the exercises properly. When we reach that magic age of 40 years old, that is when we need to start strengthening certain muscles for prevention and stretching areas to avoid strains or tears.

What I am talking about is the rotator cuff and Achilles tendon ruptures. With a professionally set up fitness routine, working with a Portland personal trainer is what you will need to develop such a fitness program to not only address the entire body, but also strengthen and stretch these two key areas.

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Personal Trainer Portland: How To Lose Weight With A Personal Trainer

Exercising is a definite challenge and whether you love working out or not, willpower sometimes just falters. More and more individuals are falling into the category of overweight or just obese because there is just not enough physical exertion.

That is a problem that a Portland Oregon Personal Trainer can help you with. Submitting yourself under the supervision of a personal trainer will not only keep you within schedule but will help you attain your weight goal properly.

One of the obvious reasons why people sometimes fail at their own weight loss programs because they skip a day, a meal or a routine just because. Well, a personal trainer will also allow you that but with worst consequences. They actually sometimes turn out to be the monsters that keep you running and before you know it, you have achieved your goal.

Whether you hire a personal trainer Portland to help you work out at home or in the gym, losing weight with them will surely get you results. They often crush your spirit but only to help you exert more than what you just want to apply and so you end up as fitter than you have never imagined.