Portland Oregon Personal Trainer Kisar Dhillon Gives 3 Helpful Eating Tips When Working Out

The most important snacks a person can have is before, during and after a workout routine or fitness event.

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Portland, OR (PRWEB) February 21, 2012

With so many energy drinks on the market these days the body sometimes needs real food in order to complete rigorous physical activity. Having caffeine or other energy enhancing supplements may work in the short term, but when it comes to endurance activities, weight lifting and high intensity interval training, a quick real food snack can be the solution to give the body the nutrition it needs at that moment in time.

A Pre Snack Workout
If someone is in need of a snack prior to a workout, following foods on the low glycemic index will provide better options because of the peaks and valleys of glucose in the blood. A simple food like an apple is great because it provides the proper amounts of nutrients to not only wake up somebody, but it will supply the body with the right amount of carbohydrates it needs to get the activity started.
A Snack During a Workout
A great snack during a workout can range from eating a small banana with a little bit of peanut butter to a cheese stick with some crackers. There are times when the body is exercising so hard during a fitness training or exercise event that it needs a certain amount of carbohydrates and protein to maintain that level of intensity, or the person will bonk. The human body will let a person know when it needs carbohydrates, fat and even protein, especially during intense exercise or competition. This can also vary for fitness events or recreational excursions where high altitude and elevation gain is a variable.

Post Workout Snack
This is one of the most important meals an athlete or fitness enthusiast will need to ingest after working out. It is crucial that carbohydrates and protein are put back into the body within one hour after exercising. This will help in overall recovery of the main muscles that were being used during the activity, and to put back any important nutrients and electrolytes that were lost due to expiration and perspiration. This can be in the form of a recovery drink which is a 4 carbohydrates to a 1 protein ratio, or a small snack that can consist of a cheese stick and a brown rice tortilla, or whole grain crackers and low fat cottage cheese.

The purpose is not to rule out liquids, because recovery drinks play a huge role in post workout supplementation. The reasoning is that sometimes the body just needs to ingest carbohydrates in the form of food, versus liquids or gels. It is totally understood that when doing a marathon or ultra endurance event, the creativity of what is being ingested will vary among fitness individuals, but all of them will intake some kind of food before, during and after an intense workout or fitness event.

If more information is needed about other specific foods for these three phases of exercising, please consult a personal trainer, registered dietitian or a nutritionist for helpful hints and other food options that can be great additions to the ones mentioned already.


Portland Oregon Fitness: Tips to Help Your Workout

If you are looking for a way to spice up your workout, try buying an interval timer app on your phone or invest in a gym body timer online. This will not only give your different workout and rest times, but it can save you a lot of time in the gym when getting those results.


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Having a Sedentary Lifestyle

Avoiding the Risks of a Sedentary Lifestyle


The leaps and bounds in technology development have radically changed the way people work, travel and enjoy. Motorized vehicles have made transportation faster. Computers and machineries have made work more efficient. The television, video player, game gadgets and other entertainment devices have made idle time at home less boring if not productive. All these technological advances may have made life more comfortable, but they also resulted in sedentary lifestyle that poses some risks to health and fitness. This is particularly true in developed and highly industrialized countries wherein there is a relatively high incidence of obesity and lifestyle-related diseases in the population.

Ailments associated with sedentary lifestyle

Many chronic and life-threatening diseases can be directly correlated with sedentary lifestyle. The good news about this is that these diseases are preventable and some are reversible if only people will have the will power and discipline to avoid sedentary living. Some of the most common ailments that are associated with lack of physical exercise include cardiovascular diseases, diabetes mellitus (or type II diabetes), respiratory diseases, some forms of cancers and depression.

One recent medical study has indicated that sedentary living causes higher morbidity and mortality compared to smoking. The results of the study have suggested that among the sample population, there is a 20% mortality in both men and women over 35 years old who lack regular physical exercise as compared to a control group that have regular exercise. This is actually higher than the deaths that are strongly correlated with smoking. There is also a very high risk of dying from respiratory-related ailments in men because of lack of exercise, which is estimated to be 92% greater than those who regularly exercise.

Simple exercise routines

You really do not necessarily have to enroll in a gym or buy expensive exercise equipment when setting fitness goals. Simple daily physical exercises such as walking up and down the stairs could help a lot. So instead of using the elevator or escalator, use the stairs. Getting motivated to exercise is a matter of mindset and it could also eventually be developed into habit. You can easily incorporate exercise in your daily routines.

If you really need to use a car to travel to your work place, you should at least park it far from your office building so that you will have a chance to walk. On the other hand, you can ride a bicycle at least once a week when going to work.

Psychological benefits of exercise

Aside from disease prevention, regular exercise can significantly improve total well-being. People who regularly are less prone to stress or depression. They have greater mental alertness and emotional stability that they become more productive at work and are more capable handling relationships.

During exercise, higher level of serotonin and endorphins are released into the blood stream, and nitrogen oxide is also produced. These result in vascular dilation and the feeling of wellbeing. The positive effects are actually more than psychological, but they are fundamentally physiological that will have lasting effects.

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Customizing exercise

Exercise is one excellent means of achieving optimal level of health and fitness. However, it should be noted that different people need different levels of exercise. Some customization is necessary when setting fitness goals. It will mainly depend on what you want to specifically achieve. For instance, if you simply want to lose weight, then the most advisable type of exercise would be cardiovascular exercises such as biking, jogging and swimming.

There is actually a wide range of options when it comes to cardio exercises and many are just variations with unfamiliar names and complex moves. When it comes to cardio exercises, the bottom line is to burn excess fats by raising the heartbeat and improving blood flow. Exercises that are included in this category are also known as cardio-pulmonary exercises because they also increase the efficiency of the respiratory system.

The types of exercise that will suit you best will also depend on your body type of built, whether you are a mesomorph (muscular), an ectomorph (slim) or an endomorph (chubby). For example, if you are an ectomorph and already very thin, it is not very advisable to immediately proceed with heavy lifting exercises. Otherwise, you might injure yourself in the process. Certain initial assessment and conditioning will be necessary.

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Portland Oregon Fitness: Looking To Burn Some Quick Calories

If you are looking to burn some quick calories and also work up a good sweat, then try HITT training on the treadmill. You do not have to do a DVD program to experience HITT training, you can do it on the treadmill at your niche gym or at your home. Here is what you need to do. If you are conditioned enough to do this type of training, then when you are on the treadmill try to do a 1:1 ratio; meaning do equal times of walking and running. For example, if you are going to walk at a quick pace of 4.2mph for 30 seconds, then I want you to sprint for 30 seconds at a pace of 9.5mph to 10.0mph (adjust accordingly). If you are having a challenging time changing the speeds when you are doing this, ask your fitness professional to help you out, they will be more than gladly to lend a hand. If you do this for 15 minutes, you can burn almost 200+ calories.

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Portland Personal Trainer Kisar Dhillon Introduces EcoFicient Training, a New Style of Personal Training at the Green Microgym in Portland, Oregon

Portland, OR (PRWEB) February 01, 2012

At the beginning of 2012, Portland Oregon personal trainer Kisar Dhillon and Green Microgym Founder, Adam Boesel, wanted to create a simple, but efficient way for people to experience the advantages of personal training. Their first part of their journey was to develop a simple 30 minute fitness program that would give people an excellent workout in less time, and utilize green technology during the process.

When wanting to spend quality time with family, having to work longer hours and having hectic travel schedules, making time for fitness, exercise, health, wellness and personal training seems to be a challenging task for most people. The original personal training model centers around the one-hour personal training session, and a lot of individuals just do not have that much time to make that happen.

The term eco-friendly is about being efficient and conscious with the environment and the ways of living. The one main resource that is not unlimited and will affect all people and species is time of itself. If the program that Kisar Dhillon and Adam Boesel helps individuals create more time for themselves and the people around them, then this personal training fitness program will be a success in Portland, Oregon and beyond.

EcoFicient Fitness is a simple 30-minute personal training program that can work with individuals who want private, semi-private and/or small group training. It will involve creating an exercise environment that will utilize green technology, efficient workouts, and professional training to help create excellent health and fitness results.

The personal training industry is constantly changing, but this is something that no one has done, combining green technology, personal training and fitness all within a 30 minute program. 2012 is going to be a fun and exciting year for both Portland personal trainer Kisar Dhillon and Green Microgym founder, Adam Boesel.

Ecoficient Fitness is the first program being launched, but there are other projects planned in the near future. This year seems very bright and exciting for fitness and combining green technology with professional fitness training and science is going to be a something the fitness industry needs.

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Portland Fitness Trainer: Walking burns off Calories

I know a lot of individual’s would rather run than walk because it is quicker, but if you walk a   very good pace, you can burn a great deal of calories. If you were to walk between 45-60 minutes you can burn over 300 calories and you will not have all that jarring going on that you would encounter with running/jogging. Remember, it takes 3500 calories to burn one pound of fat, so walking and watching your food could get you to this result every week.
If you are an all of nothing type of person, I still recommend starting off at a decent amount of time, but don’t over do it because you may burn yourself out. Always practice moderation and when you are getting some great results, then you can increase the duration and intensity.

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