Portland Personal Trainer: TRX Training and its Importance!

Suspension training has always been around us for a very long time, especially in gymnastics. If we are to look at their bodies, how strong they are, we can all assume that our bodies can be all the resistance we will need. It is just about the angle that we lift it or propel us that creates that strength, power and endurance.

When TRX came out in the market around 2006, it was gaining traction, but not a ton of it. It was not until CrossFit really started to take off and box gyms were popping up every where that TRX was starting to get super popular. One of the main reasons is that it really cuts down on the expense of buying a ton of fitness equipment and it it is easy to store or just hang up. Also, when you have a bunch of TRX’s suspended from anchor points, it looks pretty cool, especially when ¬†you have a large group doing the routine.

Overall, it is an important tool in any Portland personal trainer or fitness professionals tool box for their clients.  Lastly, one of the best things that the TRX can be used for is if you travel a lot. It easily folds up in a little bag that can be stored in a suit case or in carry on bag. If you have not tried out one of these, then we would suggest finding a small personal training studio in your city and ask about it.

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