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With so many bits of information thrown at us about what is and what isn’t good for our body, it’s hard to keep everything straight.  What’s actually fact, and what’s stuff we want to believe when in fact it’s really nonsense?  Here, your personal trainer Portland takes a look at common myths and busts them so you can stop pondering and start doing and believing what’s right for your body.

1.  Gluten free foods are better for you.  People who suffer from celiac should avoid gluten because it causes discomfort in their body.  Those who don’t suffer from the disease will not get any added benefits from eliminating it from their diet.  Gluten free foods are often made with refined sugar, which doesn’t do our body any good.

2.  Late night eating causes us to gain more weight than food eaten during the day.  Overeating makes you gain weight, not the time of day you eat. Calories are calories.  What you eat and how much of it you eat affects your weight.

3.  Fasting periodically is important for your body to remove toxins.  Our body is a marvelous machine. So great even , that we have our own built in mechanisms for removing toxins called the liver, kidneys, and spleen.  There is no scientific evidence that proves that not eating or juicing will cleanse our body.

4.  If you exercise, you can eat as much as want.  This a common myth among new exercisers, and veterans alike.  They assume that because they’re burning more calories, they can afford to eat more.  The truth is, unless an individual is enduring grueling workouts that last for hours on end, calorie consumption still needs to be monitored.  Calories in are much quicker than calories burned.

Before you believe information as fact, do your research or talk to your docter!

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