Personal Trainer Portland: What a Personal Trainer Can Do For You!

What Your Personal Trainer Portland Can Do for You

  1. Keep you fully accountable for maintaining and adhering to your scheduled fitness routine. The mere fact that you have paid someone and made a commitment to meet up with a trainer, it is often the right motivation to get you moving instead of caving in to temptation.
  2. 2.      Keep you motivated.  Having someone to fully focus in keeping track of your progress is twice as good as having an exercise buddy. In fact, with someone always there to cheer you on and push you forward, you won’t have to worry about staying on track.
  3. 3.      Help you choose the appropriate weight. Hiring a fitness trainer Portland will relieve you the worry using too much or too little weight. Your trainer will do all the work in coming up with a customized workout program based on your fitness level and goals.
  4. 4.      Prevent injuries and maximize results. Improper execution either throws you off track with an injury or puts all your hard work down the drain. With a personal trainer to closely monitor your proper form, you can look forward to deriving the best possible results with the least amount of time.
  5. 5.      Help you set realistic and attainable goals. In a society fueled by instant gratification, many people fail to stay on their program because of unrealistic goals. Your trainer can help you set attainable goals within a doable timeframe.

There is also the fact that a fitness trainer has a psychological impact on your fitness program. With someone to oversees and monitors your progress and holding you accountable for staying on track, it gives you more incentive not to fall off the wagon. So while some may think it’s a Portland Oregon personal trainer is an unnecessary expense, you know better than to discount the idea.

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Portland Oregon Personal Trainer Kisar Dhillon Gives 3 Helpful Eating Tips When Working Out

The most important snacks a person can have is before, during and after a workout routine or fitness event.

Quote startThinking about exercise does not generate fitness results!Quote end

Portland, OR (PRWEB) February 21, 2012

With so many energy drinks on the market these days the body sometimes needs real food in order to complete rigorous physical activity. Having caffeine or other energy enhancing supplements may work in the short term, but when it comes to endurance activities, weight lifting and high intensity interval training, a quick real food snack can be the solution to give the body the nutrition it needs at that moment in time.

A Pre Snack Workout
If someone is in need of a snack prior to a workout, following foods on the low glycemic index will provide better options because of the peaks and valleys of glucose in the blood. A simple food like an apple is great because it provides the proper amounts of nutrients to not only wake up somebody, but it will supply the body with the right amount of carbohydrates it needs to get the activity started.
A Snack During a Workout
A great snack during a workout can range from eating a small banana with a little bit of peanut butter to a cheese stick with some crackers. There are times when the body is exercising so hard during a fitness training or exercise event that it needs a certain amount of carbohydrates and protein to maintain that level of intensity, or the person will bonk. The human body will let a person know when it needs carbohydrates, fat and even protein, especially during intense exercise or competition. This can also vary for fitness events or recreational excursions where high altitude and elevation gain is a variable.

Post Workout Snack
This is one of the most important meals an athlete or fitness enthusiast will need to ingest after working out. It is crucial that carbohydrates and protein are put back into the body within one hour after exercising. This will help in overall recovery of the main muscles that were being used during the activity, and to put back any important nutrients and electrolytes that were lost due to expiration and perspiration. This can be in the form of a recovery drink which is a 4 carbohydrates to a 1 protein ratio, or a small snack that can consist of a cheese stick and a brown rice tortilla, or whole grain crackers and low fat cottage cheese.

The purpose is not to rule out liquids, because recovery drinks play a huge role in post workout supplementation. The reasoning is that sometimes the body just needs to ingest carbohydrates in the form of food, versus liquids or gels. It is totally understood that when doing a marathon or ultra endurance event, the creativity of what is being ingested will vary among fitness individuals, but all of them will intake some kind of food before, during and after an intense workout or fitness event.

If more information is needed about other specific foods for these three phases of exercising, please consult a personal trainer, registered dietitian or a nutritionist for helpful hints and other food options that can be great additions to the ones mentioned already.


Customizing exercise

Exercise is one excellent means of achieving optimal level of health and fitness. However, it should be noted that different people need different levels of exercise. Some customization is necessary when setting fitness goals. It will mainly depend on what you want to specifically achieve. For instance, if you simply want to lose weight, then the most advisable type of exercise would be cardiovascular exercises such as biking, jogging and swimming.

There is actually a wide range of options when it comes to cardio exercises and many are just variations with unfamiliar names and complex moves. When it comes to cardio exercises, the bottom line is to burn excess fats by raising the heartbeat and improving blood flow. Exercises that are included in this category are also known as cardio-pulmonary exercises because they also increase the efficiency of the respiratory system.

The types of exercise that will suit you best will also depend on your body type of built, whether you are a mesomorph (muscular), an ectomorph (slim) or an endomorph (chubby). For example, if you are an ectomorph and already very thin, it is not very advisable to immediately proceed with heavy lifting exercises. Otherwise, you might injure yourself in the process. Certain initial assessment and conditioning will be necessary.

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Portland Oregon Fitness Trainer: Breathing during Exercise

Breathing is so important when working out. It can make or break a great fitness routine and cause serious damage. If you notice that you are getting dizzy, seeing stars or getting nauseous, then you are breath holding or reverse breathing. Stop what you are doing and just count out your repetitions. Even though you may be speaking out loud, you will get your breathing pattern and then count underneath your breath (softly).

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Portland Oregon Fitness: How To Increase Caloric Burn

Here is a quick tip to increase the amount of calories you will burn, combine muscle groups and a few movements at a time. For example, do a dead-lift, to a biceps curl, and then to a shoulder press. In addition, you can do push-up, hip extension, mountain climbers, and then back to a push-up. This will not only get the heart and lungs to work overtime, but you will burn more calories than just doing one movement.

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Portland Oregon Fitness: What should I wear to the gym?

I always say, where whatever you want to wear to the gym that you are okay with sweating in. I don’t recommend jeans, fancy clothes, flip flops, sandals or bare feet. If you want to wear a sweat outfit, that is totally fine. Just remember, if you are going to wear long sleeve workout wear, make sure you bring enough fluids with you in addition to a towel.

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Portland Oregon Fitness Trainer: A quick leg workout to burn calories

If you do not have enough time to do your legs at the gym, then before you get in the shower do lunges either in place or walking for 5 minutes not stop. Do them in place, walking, alternating, backwards & sideways. Keep mixing up the patter, but make sure you keep track of time. If you need to pause and stretch, then stop the timer, and when you are ready to start back up again, re-start that timer. Have fun with this exercise, because you legs will really feel it.

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Portland Oregon Fitness: Water and then A Meal!

If you know you have a challenging time with eating or like to go back for seconds, then try drinking a glass of water before you engage in meal time. We are suggesting water because it has zero calories and will create a sense of being partially full when you start to eat your meal. If you are vision person and feel like you need to eat the entire plate, then put less on your plate and finish it. You need to create a game that you will win, but at the same time will get you to your health goal. Try the glass of water, not beer or wine, but water.

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Portland Oregon Fitness: Using a Foam Roller

If you have tight muscles, especially in the lower legs or on the sides of your upper thighs, a foam roller is a great way to relieve those aching parts of your body. When you are just bogged down with committments or getting a massage, which can be very costly, but a foam roller can provide you with some excellent myofascial release. You can go to any local sporting goods store or specialy fitness store online and purchase one. Most of the time they come with a dvd, but I would just ask your fitness professional at your gym or talk with a professional personal trainer on how you can utilize this inexpensive but awesome piece of equipment.

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Portland Oregon Fitness: Importance of Stability Training

The importance of working on ones stability is extremely important, especially when we start to get older. A lot of individuals who start to age will have different issues, but this is a time when hip injuries and replacements are more prone to happen. This is due to tripping, falling, losing balance or just the bones have become brittle due to bone degenerative syndromes. Incorporating balance and stability into ones fitness routine cannot hurt, but can only be extremely beneficial, so give it a try.

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